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Promotional video is a video that is filmed and produced with the aim of marketing a product, event, or institution, so that it attracts the interest of the target group and invites them to do something.[1] ]

Promotional video

It is an advertising method that is published with the aim of achieving a commercial goal, such as marketing and advertising a new product or commodity. The advertising video is considered successful if it attracts conversation among the target group about it, and increases the public’s interest in what was advertised in it.[1]

Types of promotional videos

There are many types of advertising videos, and one of them is chosen based on the goal to be achieved. As for these types, we mention:[1][2]

  • Product videos.
  • Introduction videos.
  • Product launch videos.
  • Marketing ads (video ads).
  • Video ads on social media.
  • Explanatory videos.
  • FAQ videos.

What are the goals of the promotional video?

The promotional video aims to:

Urging the audience to dialogue and talk to each other about this topic: Increasing the conversation about the promotional video means attracting more successful sales of the product to be promoted, and these discussions also show the rest of the target audience the importance of the product and the importance of the product. The extent of its effectiveness and positivity.[2]

Creating public awareness of the advertised brand: The most important goal of the advertising video is to introduce the public to the brand, and to introduce the viewer to it. This applies to advertising videos that tell the brand’s story and are sure to be memorable.[2]

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