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There are many advertising designs that appear on television, which aim to convey a specific advertising message related to a brand or the marketing of a product. To achieve these goals, there are several forms and types of advertising designs, which we will learn about below.

Types of advertising designs

Types of advertising designs differ in terms of design and appearance from each other, but they must directly refer to the brand and the concept on which it is based. Thus, advertising designs are divided into: [1] [2]

Direct mail promotion

Promotional mail contains content and text that indicates its intended purpose, such as marketing a new product, or informing customers of an exclusive offer with that brand. Example of direct mail advertising; Brochures and postcards.[1]

Nowadays, email advertising is also a direct advertising method used by most websites. Its content is designed and written, and then sent to all subscribers with the click of a button.[2]

Outdoor advertising

A good example of external propaganda is; Billboards, posters and bus stop advertisements. This type of advertising and design is characterized by targeting a specific area in which promoters and advertising campaign managers are interested in displaying products.

Print advertisements

Graphic design is a vivid and clear example of print advertising, which can be referenced directly on the pages of print magazines.

Social media platform ads

This type is characterized by the ease and speed of reaching millions of people quickly and simply by designing an attractive marketing image that targets a large group of people and invites them to buy a product or express interest in it.


Videos are a powerful advertising medium that social media platforms, websites as well as visual channels like YouTube rely heavily on.


It is an old advertising method, which has been used since ancient times and is still in use to this day. Shop owners use them to indicate their services, such as giveaways to passersby and customers, or as a way to remind people to attend a seminar.

Excellent advertising is all about stunning design

No matter what wonderful product or amazing services you are promoting, your approved advertising style and design is the basis for your ad to reach all target groups, as it is necessary to pay attention to the type of advertising medium that will be presented, its shape and final design, and you must also pay attention to the form of your ad design. To ensure that it reaches all target groups.

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